Duties and responsibilities of the Agency are:

– to post announcements of partner companies from the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait (hereinafter referred to as: foreign employer) on its web-site and through other types of social media;

– to screen the received resumes and conduct consultations with potential candidates;

– to provide correct and precise information regarding the conditions that the foreign employer is offering to the candidates;

– to assist the candidates in the improvement of their CVs and other documentation in compliance with the employer’s requirements;

– to provide a candidate with an Employment contract, which guarantees them equal treatment regarding work conditions, protection at work, payment, as well as other respectable rights that are equal to the rights of the citizens from the  state of employment;

-to conduct consultations and assist candidates in the process of signing the Employment contract and applying for the Work visa;

– to offer the representation contract to the candidate relating to exercising their rights from the Employment contract, as well as other types of economic-social, cultural, citizen and political rights;

Duties and responsibilities of candidates are:

  1. To submit the required documentation, which includes the following:
  • CV (with a photograph), written in English;
  • Application Form, filled in with the required data;
  • Full figure photograph.


NOTE: The appearance in photographs must be professional (M: suit, shirt, tie; F: suit coat, skirt, pants, dress), facial expression must be pleasant (smile) on a white background;

  1. To submit other required documentation, which includes the following:
  • Scanned Passport copy, in color;
  • Copy of Diplomas and Certificates;
  • Previous employers recommendations (at least two);
  • Other required documentation on company’s request, or on request of the Agency.


  1. To check and reply, in a timely manner, to e-mails and messages sent by the Agency during the applying process;
  2. To get informed about all elements of the contract, before accepting it, and to consult the Agency in a case of uncertainty;
  3. To refer to the Agency, in writing, for all the services needed during the applying process and in the work abroad itself.


NOTE: The candidate is obliged to submit the required documentation within the period of 7 (seven) days, following the date of acceptance of the General Applying Terms and Conditions, otherwise it will be considered that the candidate has withdrawn the application.

IMPORTANT: Employment intermediation services are free of charge, the RHR  does not charge any commission to the candidates during the process of applying and before the acceptance of the Offer Letter from foreign employer.